Blume Doll

Blume Dolls are one of the most popular toys of 2020, and our early prediction to be the Hottest Christmas Toy of the 2020 season.  There are 22 Blume Dolls to collect in Series One.  Each Blume Doll comes "hidden" in a flower pot; add a little water to make your doll "grow", just a few sprinkles is all it takes. Hidden inside each pot you will find a Blume Doll with a set of clothes and accessories to define her style. Collect all 22 Blume Dolls and swap outfits, shoes, accessories, and hairstyles to make some outrageous combinations.

Manufactuer Description

A little bit of water reveals a whole lot of magic in the outrageous world of Blume! Anything but ordinary, Blume dolls come hidden inside flower pots just waiting to be discovered they need is you! Best of all, who you grow and what’s inside is a total surprise! Each Blume doll features unique, over-the-top hairstyles and outfits that can be interchanged with other dolls. The flower pot comes packed with 10+ surprises that include fashion shoes, a sticker sheet, and a mini friend, as well as a secret playset. Who will you Blume? Collect all 22 Blume dolls to mix and match hairstyles and outfits and build out your world!

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